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1. What is your experience in the Real Estate Business and how long have you been an agent?
2. How many homes have you sold in the last year?
3. What level of license do you hold? Sales Agent, Associate Broker, or Broker?
4. Do you sell Real Estate full time or part time?
5. What do you charge for a buyer's agent fee?
6. Who long do I have to sign an agreement for?
7. Will you act as a Dual Disclosed Agency?
8. What experience do you have with this area and this type of Real Estate?
9. Can you help if there are issues with the building inspection?
10. Do you assist with financing?
11. Do you have experience with my type of financing?
12. Can you suggest contractors to fix problems in the property if any are found?
13. Will you go to the building inspection with me?
14. Do you go to the closing with me?
15. What happens if I have problems after the closing?

These questions will certainly help to make the final decision of weather or not to hire a Real Estate Broker a little easier.  But every buyer needs to have a good feeling about the personality and professionalism of the broker they hire.

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